Saturday, May 5, 2007

- T h e R e t u r n -

wow.. suffering days had over... there goes my 2nd year final sem for diploma course.... it was a tough exam for me as i'm not really good in studies.. i do not know bout others.. maybe it's easy for them? but certainly not me.. we took some pictures during the last paper for most of the people which is the Mathematics VI.. everyone seems like have no confident in that paper.. what to do.. it's really tough tho..

yeah i was saying.... 2nd year final sem... which means it's time for some of us to move on with our own lives... for the C-8-13 residents.. i really have lotsa sweet memories with u guys.. ups and downs.... what we have been through together for this few sems.. really cherish alot... i still can't believe that all of us will be shifting out from C-8-13 so fast... time really flies.... For Y Chun, i think he propably going to MMU in Cyberjaya there... Weng Fatt will be going to UTAR which is just next door... the rest of us... not sure whether will we be able to graduate from diploma? i really did my very best for this exam.. but.. i guess i just screwed up my future...

If i ever pass my diploma.. i really looking forward to enrol in UTAR... that's if i pass.. yeah.. need to shift my things back to klang soon.. i haven't tell my parents anything bout it... it will surely be troublesome as i got lotsa things in that house... not only lotsa things... lotsa memories too... lol.. i'm being so emo recently... i hope we all can still stay under one roof... where we can talk crapz.. hang out together like the good old times... like wat we used to be...

Anyway, just wanted to express my feelings here... For C-8-13 residents... we guys rock.... looking forward for our own reunion... ja ne~

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