Wednesday, February 28, 2007

- m i s e r y , d o w n -

I'm still feeling down on what my friend had said about me.. This problem actually is very small.. but i do not know why he cant take it? it was just a joke yet he cant take it? and blog it out for ppl to see (childish act)? nvm nvm.. it's up to that particular person bout what he wanna do.. i cant stop or ask him not to blog it out? it wasnt my fault at all.. here goes the story..

"One day, i was back at hometown(Klang) due to the effective study method rather than i study in KL(too many entertainments u see, ^^). In the afternoon, i saw my housemate online in msn.. i asked him whether they all studying at home.. then he told me that he was all alone in the hse when he woke up.. wow, i was suprised that he told me he was alone in the house.. as what i have expected there will be another person with him.. guess what? that guy went elsewhere to study but not informing my that blur friend who juz woke up? wtf? this is what we called friends? i'm not sure whether is it my fault for asking his whereabout from my fren.. i told my that friend that he wasnt supposed to do that way.. at least, inform him bout he's going out somewhere? he just left my friend alone in the hse.. of coz i wasnt sastified with his action.. so i just sms my friend at the other place where he studied at there bout him.. i didnt said that he's selfish or what and he jumped into the conclusion saying that i talk bad things behind him which i will never do..
From his blog.. he wrote something bout me.. he said that i am more selfish.. i didnt do all the assignments and let him stay awake juz to finish it just for the sake of his group members? WOW WOW, i was suprised he said that.. i didnt do anything? i didnt help out ? if u wanna compare who's the 1 contribute the most other than u, go ahead... see who's the passive members in the group.. i bet u didnt realised bout it.. such a bias person i know.. i dunno whether is it my fault ? i do what i can helped in the group.. i've told my programming is not that good.. but i still got help out about it.. and yet u said i've done nothing? what about documentation ? i did nothing too? hmm hmm...if u really said i didnt help out in assignments, i really have no comments about it.. worst still.. he's my roommate somemore... sigh~"
ps:for direct link to his blog.. here it is


Anonymous said...

hey man..

there is always a two face person in da world..,,

but wat can we do to stop it..??
they love to live their own life..

we cant say anything..
jus let them do .

da fact is, as long as we are innocent, we are not afraid of outside rumors n bullshit..

in fact,they wil prolly feel shamed for their action.

so, for now, look forward,
n dun giv a damn on ur fren..

we live for ourselves..
not them..

take care

desiree said...

hey ko, you really don't have to be upset about those things. so cheer up larh.

t|r@miSu said...

hmm.. i'm trying hard too..