Thursday, March 1, 2007

- Suprise Party -

Wow, it really gave Chan Seong a really suprised party..All his sister's effort is not wasted.. i wonder how long it took for her to complete this successful suprise birthday party..

"As what i have heard from Chan Seong when he was giving speech on the stage, he told us his mom always went in to her sis's room and he said he don't know what were they doing.. When he asked them.. his mom shot him with "Gal's discussion" hehehe.."

As usual,Chong Wee came and pick me up hmm.. bout 7.30(We were supposed to reach KEC by 7, u know.. Klang ppl's timing?) Then, we met up with Shieh May(Mei) :P at JJ(that time only we bought the present >_<) so that we can go together to that party.. we arrived at the same time birthday boy's mom stop the car with him in front of the main entrance.. i even said hie to him.. cause i wasnt sure whether he knows the plan or not.. so i just give it a try... and he actually didnt know anything.. so we went in the convention hall where his party was held.. To my suprise, he suddenly called me up and asked what am i doing in KEC.. wah, that time i was so nervous cause i've to answer alone where CW was walking in front and May was on the phone.. so i just simply said that it was wee king's friend's wedding dinner.. he actually fall for it..

That party was cool.. everything was so cool.. met up with alot of old fren including fren that didnt get to go to Aus cause of his visa? LOL... suprised to see him at there tonight.. Cool foods.. i'v captured lotsa pics tonight but couldnt upload it now cause i've passed the memory card to Wen Dee.. The party was supposed to end at 11pm.. but at 11pm the party has gone wild.. Uncle "atuk' keep inviting us to sing song... i think everyone has a great night.. even it's a non-alcoholic party.. but still ppl can go wild...

anyway, i will upload the pics as soon as possible bah.. kinda late and i'm tired.. whole night holding camera to take lotsa pics.. kinda love this job.. :P
good nite peeps...

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