Monday, March 5, 2007

- S l e e p n e s s N i g h t -

how to begin this topic... yeah.. i know it.. i was on bed about 12.30am which is kinda unusual for me coz i seldom sleep that early.. normally i will only fall asleep at bout 3-4am.. last night i was tired because i had to wake up early to go to temple coz of "Chap Goh Mei" event.. so went to temple and got blessing from... hmmm.. god.. after came back from temple, i've to rush my things like packing my bags cause class starting today which is monday.. then my parents fetch me back to KL.. On the way, we stopped by Carrefour in Subang because i wanted to buy a wardrobe for myself due to hmm.. all the while i've been sharing it with my hsemate.. get wat i mean? i do not want to owe him anything at all.. hehehe.. i saw 1 of the wardrobe and i'm kinda like it.. but too bad couldnt bought it.. it was too heavy for me to carry it myself... Well, as u know.. i've some backbone problem.. so i cannot carry too heavy things.. how sad is it.. here's a good lesson for u all.. for any injuries that u encountered, please make sure it heals 100% or else.. u will suffer even more like my situation now.. haih.. now really regretted..
Back to the story.. so so we drop by Ayamas there to buy my dinner... hahaha.. when i reached back home.. my roommate was already back at home drinking liquor while watching drama... how enjoying.. i wish i could hve such a relaxing life.. btw, reached KL bout 6++ like that... unload my things then pack all.. updated my blog with the pictures untill 9++ chat while with my friends then when i see my watch.. it's ady 12.30.. so i headed to my bed..
Back in the room.. i was asleep till 1am when my roommate just slammed the toilet door hard... made me woke up and he didnt even say anything... next time i should do the same thing.. after that i tried to sleep back but couldnt.. 2 of them kept talking until i dunno what time.. i was so fed up until at 4 am i got out from the room and headed to bernard's room to sleep cause Low didnt came back last nite.. how lucky am i... but i could only fell asleep at bout 4.30am.. too bad.. hve to wake up at 6.30 cause college starts at 8am... was so forced to wake up to attend class... terrible starting day because lecturer kept saying bout the degree that we'll get from the 3months top up programme in UK is not recognised by the IEM and BEM... haih~

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